Wings of Glory Script  

Short Overview of Wings of Glory Script  

The Wings of Glory Script is a game-changing update to Roblox that makes flying more fun. This script makes the basic gameplay better by adding more accurate and fun flight simulation elements to the Roblox world.

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if not game.Loaded then game.Loaded:Wait() end

-- Make sure to have the script saved in your auto execute to have it be automated!
-- Also the script will take like 5-8 seconds to get started, added some prints to
-- show it's working

local MouseMovement = 4 -- Would not recommend below 4 (changes how fast the mouse moves)
local FireLength = 50 -- how long the AI will shoot for
local ReloadLength = 10 -- how long inbetween shooting it will wait until it shoots again
_G.Stop = false --Execute the script with this as true to make it stop


-- ALSO, known bugs / things I wanted to do are commented throughout the code
-- And of course this could easily be made a GUI to make it 100x better

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local MainMenu = plr.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("GUI")
local Cam = game.Workspace.Camera
local Mouse = plr:GetMouse()

function ClickUI(UI)
    for i,v in pairs(getconnections(UI.MouseButton1Click)) do
    for i,v in pairs(getconnections(UI.MouseButton1Down)) do

function Closest()
    -- I wanted to make it so it'd stick with the closest instead of switching a bunch
    -- But never got around to doing that 😛
    local Lowest = 1e9
    local Low = nil
    local Plane = game:GetService("Workspace").viewmodels:FindFirstChild(plr.Name)
    if not Plane then return nil end
    for i,v in pairs(game:GetService("Workspace").Camera["plane_part_viewmodels"]:GetChildren()) do
        if v and v ~= plr.Name and v:FindFirstChild("air_target_bb") and v["air_target_bb"] ~= "FRIENDLY" then
            local mag = (Plane.Position - v.Position).Magnitude
            if mag < Lowest then
                Lowest = mag
                Low = v
    return Low

function MouseTo(UI)
    Vec =,UI.Y) -,Mouse.Y)
    mousemoverel(Vec.X / MouseMovement,Vec.Y / MouseMovement)

function LockOn(P,CurrentlyLocked)
    local LockPart = nil
    local CL = nil
    for i,v in pairs(game:GetService("Workspace").Camera["plane_part_viewmodels"]:GetChildren()) do
        if v and v:FindFirstChild("air_target_bb") and v["air_target_bb"].main.mark.player.Visible then
            CL = v
    if not CurrentlyLocked then
    local Assist = MainMenu.Billboards:FindFirstChild("assistant")
    if Assist then
        local Icon = Assist:FindFirstChild("icon")
        local Plane = game:GetService("Workspace").viewmodels:FindFirstChild(plr.Name)
        if Plane and Icon and Icon.Visible and Icon.AbsolutePosition.X < Cam.ViewportSize.X and Icon.AbsolutePosition.Y < Cam.ViewportSize.Y and (P.Position - Plane.Position).Magnitude < 300 then
            -- Originally this wasn't meant to have a distance/magnitude check, but since the Icon would load in
            -- early but not be where it was supposed to be I ended up doing a magnitude to the enemy plane...
            -- This coulc easily be fixed with a distsance check from the enemy plane to the icon though... HMMMMMM
            LockPart = Icon
    return CL,LockPart

--------- Main Script -------------

if MainMenu:FindFirstChild("Spectate") then
    -- Game
    print("In Game")
    if string.find(string.lower(MainMenu["text_alert"].Text),"waiting for",1,true) then
        -- This is a little fast but *eh*, could've added a player check like less than 3 players joins new server
        if string.find(string.lower(MainMenu["text_alert"].Text),"waiting for",1,true) then
    while not _G.Stop do
        if not MainMenu.Deployed.Visible then
            local Play = game:GetService("Workspace")["plane_list_buttons"].gui.main["buttons_2"].play
            repeat wait(.2) until (game:GetService("Workspace")["plane_list_buttons"].Position - Cam.CFrame.Position).Magnitude < 50 or _G.Stop
        CurrentlyLocked = nil
        local Iter = 0
        local Direction = 0
        while not _G.Stop and not plr.condition.destroyed.Value do
            LockPart = nil
            local Vic = Closest()
            -- Thought about doing it closest to the cursor for a "silent aim" exploit since I pulled a past
            -- silent aim for some of this code. But *EHHH*
            if Vic then
                if CurrentlyLocked == nil then
                    CurrentlyLocked,LockPart = LockOn(Vic,(CurrentlyLocked == Vic.Name))
                    CurrentlyLocked,LockPart = LockOn(Vic,(CurrentlyLocked.Name == Vic.Name))
                local Pos,Screen
                if LockPart then
                    Pos,Screen =,LockPart.AbsolutePosition.Y),true
                    --I was trying to mess around with this and get it so it would actually properly aim at the icon
                    --But I couldn't get it to in the end
                    Iter = Iter + 1
                    if Iter < FireLength + ReloadLength then
                        Iter = Iter + 1
                        --Sometimes the plane doesn't stop shooting when it respawns? Never looked into it
                        --Probably when the round ends and you're still alive so you aren't "destroyed"
                        --Could be fixed by adding a check for the alert_text for "new match" or something
                    elseif Iter < FireLength then
                        Iter = 0
                    Iter = 0
                    Pos,Screen = Cam:WorldToScreenPoint(Vic.Position)
                if not Screen then
                    Vec =,Pos.Y) -,Mouse.Y)
                    local NewVector = {['X']=Vec.X,['Y']=Vec.Y}
                    NewVector.X = 30
                    -- I wanted to make it actually turn around properly but never
                    -- really got the X or Y to work so we just spin in circles now 🙂
                    if Vec.Y > Cam.ViewportSize.Y then
                        NewVector.Y = Cam.ViewportSize.Y
                    elseif Vec.Y < -Cam.ViewportSize.Y then
                        NewVector.Y = -Cam.ViewportSize.Y
    -- Menu
    -- Instead of a wait, could've waited for the fade UI to go away

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Script NameWings of Glory Script  
Use OptionsCopy & Download
Update Date17.12.2023

What is the Wings of Glory Script?  

Exploring the Script

With the Wings of Glory Script for Roblox, you can make changes that make flying a lot more fun. It has advanced features like realistic flying controls and the ability to make your own planes, which makes it a favorite among Roblox aviation fans.

Features and Functionality

Realistic ControlsSimulates real-world flight controls for an immersive experience.
Custom AircraftOffers a variety of aircraft models for diverse gameplay.
Enhanced GraphicsImproves visual aspects for a more realistic flight simulation.

Introduction to Wings of Glory Script  

Elevating the Roblox Flight Experience

The Wings of Glory Script is more than just a way to change the game; it’s also a way to start an immersive flight exercise. It gives players a realistic way to feel the thrill of flying, which isn’t often found in Roblox games. This script is a great example of how user-generated content can make the main gaming experience much better.

Role in Roblox Game: Wings of Glory Script 

Impact on Roblox Aviation

The way players experience flying in Roblox has changed a lot because of this script. It makes the experience more interesting and educational by requiring them to learn how to use complicated tools and get through different situations. The script’s success shows that it can appeal to both casual gamers and aviation fans.

Features of Wings of Glory Script  

Unique Script Characteristics

The Wings of Glory Script is renowned for:

  • Its realistic flight mechanics.
  • A wide range of customizable aircraft.
  • Enhanced graphics and immersive gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Roblox Wings of Glory Script?

You can get to the script through certain Roblox aviation games or community groups.

Is the Wings of Glory Script good for people who are just starting out?

It has some advanced features, but many of the parts are made to be easy for newbies to use.


For people who love airplanes, the Wings of Glory script in Roblox is a revolutionary addition. It’s a unique mix of fun and realism that makes it stand out in the Roblox game community.

" is a website that gives away free Roblox scripts and started on October 15, 2023. It’s full of fun and engaging stuff that makes it a favorite spot for Roblox fans. Gurveer Singh created this platform with the idea of building a community where gamers can find cool scripts for free."

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