Bhop Script Roblox –  (Universal)

Short Overview of ‘Bhop Script Roblox’

People who play Roblox games are crazy about “Bhop Script Roblox,” which is known for making bunny-hopping games more fun. This script is designed to make you faster and more controlled in games, which is why Roblox fans want it so much.

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Script NameBhop Script Roblox –  (Universal)
Use OptionsCopy & Download
Update Date18.12.2023

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–script by Novik#5516 feel free to edit local mv = {} local player local character local collider local camera local input local collider local playerGrounded local playerVelocity local jumping local moveInputSum local dt = 1/60 local partYRatio local partZRatio local cameraYaw local cameraLook local movementPosition local movementVelocity local gravityForce local airAccelerate local airMaxSpeed –only limits projection of velocity onto acceleration local groundAccelerate local groundMaxVelocity –only limits projection of velocity onto acceleration local friction local playerTorsoToGround local movementStickDistance local jumpVelocity local movementPositionForce local movementVelocityForce local maxMovementPitch local rayYLength local movementPositionD local movementPositionP local movementVelocityP local gravity function mv.init(Player, Camera, Input) player = Player character = player.Character collider = character.Torso camera = Camera input = Input playerVelocity = 0 playerGrounded = false moveInputSum = { [“forward”] = 0, [“side”] = 0 –left is positive } airAccelerate = 5000 airMaxSpeed = 20 groundAccelerate = 25 groundMaxVelocity = 400 friction = 10 playerTorsoToGround = 3 movementStickDistance = 0.5 jumpVelocity = 80 movementPositionForce = 400000 movementVelocityForce = 3000000 maxMovementPitch = 0.6 rayYLength = playerTorsoToGround + movementStickDistance movementPositionD = 125 movementPositionP = 14000 movementVelocityP = 15000 gravity = 0.4 end function mv.initBodyMovers() movementPosition =“BodyPosition”, collider) movementPosition.Name = “movementPosition” movementPosition.D = movementPositionD movementPosition.P = movementPositionP movementPosition.maxForce = movementPosition.position = movementVelocity =“BodyVelocity”, collider) movementVelocity.Name = “movementVelocity” movementVelocity.P = movementVelocityP movementVelocity.maxForce = movementVelocity.velocity = gravityForce =“BodyForce”, collider) gravityForce.Name = “gravityForce” gravityForce.force =, (1-gravity)*196.2, 0) * getCharacterMass() end function mv.update(deltaTime) dt = deltaTime updateMoveInputSum() cameraYaw = getYaw() cameraLook = cameraYaw.lookVector if cameraLook == nil then return end local hitPart, hitPosition, hitNormal, yRatio, zRatio = findCollisionRay() partYRatio = yRatio partZRatio = zRatio playerGrounded = hitPart ~= nil and true or false playerVelocity = collider.Velocity –, collider.Velocity.y, 0) if playerGrounded and (input[“Space”] or jumping) then jumping = true else jumping = false end setCharacterRotation() if jumping then jump() print(math.random()) elseif playerGrounded then run(hitPosition) else air() end end function updateMoveInputSum() moveInputSum[“forward”] = input[“W”] == true and 1 or 0 moveInputSum[“forward”] = input[“S”] == true and moveInputSum[“forward”] – 1 or moveInputSum[“forward”] moveInputSum[“side”] = input[“A”] == true and 1 or 0 moveInputSum[“side”] = input[“D”] == true and moveInputSum[“side”] – 1 or moveInputSum[“side”] end function findCollisionRay() local torsoCFrame = character.Torso.CFrame local ignoreList = {character, camera} local rays = {,, -rayYLength, 0)), *,0,0)).p,, -rayYLength, 0)), *,0,0)).p,, -rayYLength, 0)), *,0,0.8)).p,, -rayYLength, 0)), *,0,-0.8)).p,, -rayYLength, 0)) } local rayReturns = {} local i for i = 1, #rays do local part, position, normal = game.Workspace:FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(rays[i],ignoreList) if part == nil then position =,-3000000,0) end if i == 1 then table.insert(rayReturns, {part, position, normal}) else local yPos = position.y if yPos <= rayReturns[#rayReturns][2].y then table.insert(rayReturns, {part, position, normal}) else local j for j = 1, #rayReturns do if yPos >= rayReturns[j][2].y then table.insert(rayReturns, j, {part, position, normal}) end end end end end i = 1 local yRatio, zRatio = getPartYRatio(rayReturns[i][3]) while magnitude2D(yRatio, zRatio) > maxMovementPitch and i<#rayReturns do i = i + 1 if rayReturns[i][1] then yRatio, zRatio = getPartYRatio(rayReturns[i][3]) end end return rayReturns[i][1], rayReturns[i][2], rayReturns[i][3], yRatio, zRatio end function setCharacterRotation() local rotationLook = collider.Position + camera.CoordinateFrame.lookVector collider.CFrame =,, collider.Position.y, rotationLook.z)) collider.RotVelocity = end function jump() collider.Velocity =, jumpVelocity, collider.Velocity.z) air() end function air() movementPosition.maxForce = movementVelocity.velocity = getMovementVelocity(collider.Velocity, airAccelerate, airMaxSpeed) movementVelocity.maxForce = getMovementVelocityAirForce() end function run(hitPosition) local playerSpeed = collider.Velocity.magnitude local mVelocity = collider.Velocity if playerSpeed ~= 0 then local drop = playerSpeed * friction * dt; mVelocity = mVelocity * math.max(playerSpeed - drop, 0) / playerSpeed; end movementPosition.position = hitPosition +,playerTorsoToGround,0) movementPosition.maxForce =,movementPositionForce,0) movementVelocity.velocity = getMovementVelocity(mVelocity, groundAccelerate, groundMaxVelocity) local VelocityForce = getMovementVelocityForce() movementVelocity.maxForce = VelocityForce movementVelocity.P = movementVelocityP end function getMovementVelocity(prevVelocity, accelerate, maxVelocity) local accelForward = cameraLook * moveInputSum["forward"] local accelSide = (cameraYaw * CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(90),0)).lookVector * moveInputSum["side"]; local accelDir = (accelForward+accelSide).unit; if moveInputSum["forward"] == 0 and moveInputSum["side"] == 0 then --avoids divide 0 errors accelDir =,0,0); end local projVel = prevVelocity:Dot(accelDir); local accelVel = accelerate * dt; if (projVel + accelVel > maxVelocity) then accelVel = math.max(maxVelocity – projVel, 0); end return prevVelocity + accelDir * accelVel; end function getMovementVelocityForce() return,0,movementVelocityForce) end function getMovementVelocityAirForce() local accelForward = cameraLook * moveInputSum[“forward”]; local accelSide = (cameraYaw * CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(90),0)).lookVector * moveInputSum[“side”] local accelDir = (accelForward+accelSide).unit if moveInputSum[“forward”] == 0 and moveInputSum[“side”] == 0 then accelDir =,0,0); end local xp = math.abs(accelDir.x) local zp = math.abs(accelDir.z) return*xp,0,movementVelocityForce*zp) end function getPartYRatio(normal) local partYawVector =, 0, -normal.z) if partYawVector.magnitude == 0 then return 0,0 else local partPitch = math.atan2(partYawVector.magnitude,normal.y)/(math.pi/2) local vector =, 0, cameraLook.z)*partPitch return vector:Dot(partYawVector), -partYawVector:Cross(vector).y end end function getYaw() –returns CFrame return camera.CoordinateFrame*CFrame.Angles(-getPitch(),0,0) end function getPitch() –returns number return math.pi/2 – math.acos(camera.CoordinateFrame.lookVector:Dot(,1,0))) end function getCharacterMass() return character.Torso:GetMass() + character.Head:GetMass() end function magnitude2D(x,z) return math.sqrt(x*x+z*z) end –note: this only works with filtering enabled local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer local camera = game.Workspace.CurrentCamera local UserInputService = game:GetService(“UserInputService”) local prevUpdateTime = nil local updateDT = 1/60 local inputKeys = { [“W”] = false, [“S”] = false, [“A”] = false, [“D”] = false, [“Space”] = false, [“LMB”] = false, [“RMB”] = false } function main() — character spawning bs if player:FindFirstChild(“customCharacterSpawned”) == nil then local newval =“BoolValue”, player); newval.Name = “customCharacterSpawned”; newval.Value = false; end if not player.customCharacterSpawned.Value then player.customCharacterSpawned.Value = true; return; end player.Character:WaitForChild(“Humanoid”); –remove hats for physics sake huckFats(); spawn(function() while player.Character do wait(1) huckFats(); end end) –init movement mv.init(player, camera, inputKeys); mv.initBodyMovers(); –display poop –connect input UserInputService.InputBegan:connect(onInput); UserInputService.InputEnded:connect(onInput); –connect updateloop game:GetService(“RunService”):BindToRenderStep(“updateLoop”, 1, updateLoop); –rip player.Character.Humanoid.Died:connect(onDeath) end function updateLoop() setDeltaTime(); mv.update(updateDT); end function huckFats() for _,v in pairs (player.Character:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA(“Hat”) then v:Destroy() end end end function setDeltaTime() –seconds local UpdateTime = tick() if prevUpdateTime ~= nil then updateDT = (UpdateTime – prevUpdateTime) else updateDT = 1/60 end prevUpdateTime = UpdateTime end function onInput(input, gameProcessedEvent) local inputState –print(input.KeyCode) if input.UserInputState == Enum.UserInputState.Begin then inputState = true elseif input.UserInputState == Enum.UserInputState.End then inputState = false else return end if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.Keyboard then local key = input.KeyCode.Name if inputKeys[key] ~= nil then inputKeys[key] = inputState end elseif input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then –LMB down inputKeys.LMB = inputState elseif input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton2 then –RMB down inputKeys.RMB = inputState end end function onDeath() player.customCharacterSpawned = false end main()

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  • Copy the script and then paste it into your script tool.
  • Just run the script, and you’re done.

With these simple steps, players can quickly and easily use the script to improve their Roblox game experience.

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What is ‘Bhop Script Roblox’?  

The Essence of the Script

The ‘Bhop Script Roblox’ is a unique script that is mostly used in bhop (bunny hopping) games on the Roblox platform. It’s meant to improve players’ skills by making jumps faster and easier to control. This script has made a name for itself by combining usefulness and fun in a way that no other script does.

Introduction to ‘Bhop Script Roblox’  

Origin and Popularity

The ‘Bhop Script Roblox’ was created in the creative areas of Roblox to meet the wants of people who like bhop games. Its success comes from the fact that it can improve the basic rules of bunny hopping, making it more fun and competitive.

Role in Roblox Game ‘Bhop Script Roblox’  

Transforming Gameplay

In Roblox bhop games, the ‘Bhop Script Roblox’ significantly alters the gameplay experience. It provides:

Enhanced JumpingImproves jump mechanics for better control.
Agility BoostIncreases player agility in-game.
Competitive EdgeGives players an advantage in competitions.

This script not only improves individual performance but also elevates the overall competitive nature of bhop games.

Features of ‘Bhop Script Roblox’  

Key Characteristics

The ‘Bhop Script Roblox’ is renowned for its:

  • Advanced jumping mechanics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatibility with various bhop games on Roblox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the “Bhop Script Roblox” make the game better?

It makes it easier to jump and move quickly in bhop games.

Is it simple to add the “Bhop Script Roblox”?

Of course, it’s made to work well with Roblox bhop games.


The ‘Bhop Script Roblox’ shows how creative the Roblox community can be. It not only makes bunny hopping games more fun, but it also makes them more challenging.

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