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UCA Script: A Deep Dive into Game Day Cheerleading

A lot of people know the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) for putting a lot of stress on traditional cheerleading, especially through its Game Day format. This style is meant to show what traditional cheerleading is all about: getting the crowd to follow you. The UCA Game Day has parts like the Fight Song, the Situational Sideline, the Band Chant, and the Situational Sideline. These are all very important for making games fun and exciting.

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spawn(function() -- made by: KylnDantas#6271
       getgenv().autoclicker = true -- change to false to stop
                               while getgenv().autoclicker == true do
       getgenv().skills = true -- change to false to stop
while getgenv().skills == true do
local keys = {
   'E','R','Z','C' -- change to your skills keys
local cooldown = 0
local keyrelease_delay = 0
   local s = game:GetService('VirtualInputManager')
   local wait = task.wait
       for _, key in ipairs(keys) do
           s:SendKeyEvent(true, key, false, nil)
           s:SendKeyEvent(false, key, false, nil)
   getgenv().autofarm = true -- change to false to stop
       while task.wait() do
           if getgenv().autofarm == true then
                   for i,v in pairs(game.Workspace.Entities:GetChildren()) do
                       if v:IsA("Model") and v.Name == "Regen Dummy" then -- if you want another dummy, change the name
                           if v.Humanoid.Health > 0 and game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.Health > 0 then
                                   game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = v.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame * CFrame.new(0,-3,0) * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(-5),0,0)
                               until v.Humanoid.Health <= 0 or getgenv().autofarm == false
   if autofarm == true then

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Script NameUCA Script Roblox Game
Use OptionsCopy & Download
Update Date16.11.2023

What is the UCA Script?

The UCA Script is the set of rules and structured script that teams must follow during their performances on Game Day. This script makes sure that teams show real energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to get people to cheer while also following certain skill limits and rules.

Introduction to UCA Game Day

  • The idea for UCA Game Day came from the sights and sounds of a school football game on Friday nights. It is made up of four main parts:
  • Teams show their spirit, high energy, sharp movements, and ability to work together during the band chant. Props that boost morale are welcome, such as signs, pom-poms, and megaphones.
  • Situational Sideline: An announcer calls out either an attacking or defensive scenario, and the teams have to react to it. The focus is on how to work with the crowd, how to move, and skills that are useful on game day.
  • Crowd Leading: In this part, teams can show how energetic, leader-like, and in tune they are with the crowd they are with. It can include cheers, spell-outs, or anything else that gets people involved.
  • Fight Song: This part should include crowd-pleasing skills and props that boost energy, like a school’s traditional fight song.

Role of UCA Script in Game Day Competitions

The UCA script is very important for helping teams during Game Day events. It gives the competition a framework that makes sure all teams are judged equally. The story makes a point of:

  • Spirit and Enthusiasm: Teams should go into the show with real spirit and try not to make too many gestures.
  • Restrictions on Skills: You can’t do some skills, like tosses, inversions, or fast tumbling. The emphasis is on useful skills that make crowd engagement better.
  • Interaction with the Crowd: Teams are told to use props, signs, and other items to get the crowd involved and improve their show.

Features of UCA Game Day Script

The UCA Game Day Script is meant to make sure that teams do their best while also following rules about safety and skill. Some features that stand out are:

  • Limits on Skills: To keep people safe, some skills are limited. For example, you can’t do any tosses or inversions, and you can’t do too much standing and falling.
  • Spirit-Raising Props: To get people more involved, it’s important to use props like signs, pom-poms, and megaphones.
  • Clear Transitions: Teams must show that the different parts of their act are clearly separate from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main point of the UCA Game Day script?

The UCA Game Day Script is meant to give teams a structured way to show off their traditional cheerleading skills, with a focus on leading the crowd and showing energy and enthusiasm.

Are there any skills that can’t be used during the band chant?

Yes, you can only kick and jump during the band chant. You can’t use any other skills.

Can teams use what they’ve prepared for the crowd-leading part?

Yes, teams can use a cheer they learned at camp or other crowd-leading material they have at home for the crowd-leading part.


It shows what classic cheerleading is all about in the UCA Game Day script. It makes sure that teams can show their spirit, enthusiasm, and ability to rally the crowd in a safe and effective way by giving them a structured formula and clear rules. The UCA script makes sure that every part of the Game Day performance fits with the core values of cheering, from the lively band chant to the interesting situational sideline.

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