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Piyush Sharma – Content Editor

About Piyush Sharma:

The interesting things on were written by Piyush Sharma. With a B.Com degree and a strong desire to work in the gaming industry, Piyush combines his business knowledge with his love of games to create interesting material that our community of gamers will enjoy.


As Piyush has worked in business, he has gained a unique view on how to create content. Because he has a background in education and loves video games, he can write stories that are both educational and deeply connected to the gaming culture.

In His Own Words:

I think of gaming as more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life and a community. When I work on, I try to make material that shares this feeling, connecting with other gamers and giving them deeper insights.

Outside the Office:

In his spare time, Piyush is a dedicated gamer who is always looking into the newest gaming tools and trends. He plays video games more than just for fun; it’s a passion that keeps him in touch with what’s going on in the gaming world.

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